Webcast Monitoring and Assessment under the Clean Water Act

EPA’s Watershed Academy Webcast on Monitoring and Assessment is announcing a Webcast on April 7, 2010 at 1:00-3:00 pm ET to learn about “Monitoring and Assessment Under the on the Clean Water Act.”  Best use and leveraging of Clean Water Act (CWA) monitoring and assessment authorities can be powerful tools in helping protect sources of drinking water.

This is a third in a series of Webcasts on the Clean Water Act (CWA).  Earlier Webcast topics included an introduction to the CWA and an introduction to water quality standards. This Webcast will focus on key aspects of monitoring and assessment under the CWA including: 1) collection, assembly and evaluation of water quality data and other relevant information,  2) inferring current waterbody condition based on such data and information, and 3) determining whether or not individual waterbodies meet applicable state water quality criteria.  To register for this Webcast, visit www.epa.gov/watershedwebcasts.