USGS GeoHealth Newsletter

The 2010 Winter Issue of the USGS GeoHealth Newsletter has been posted.  The GeoHealth Newsletter provides information on USGS products and activities related to human health. The Newsletter is issued twice a year on their Web site.  This edition of the GeoHealth Newsletter includes the following reports related to water:

  • United States and Canada Plan New Groundwater Arsenic Study (collaborative study in the Eastern US and Canada)
  • From Drain Water to Drinking Water (contribution of wastewater discharges to drinking water sources along the Colorado River)
  • Quality of Water Sources for Community Water Systems in the United States (results from recent USGS studies)
  • Pesticide Levels Decline in Corn Belt Rivers (link to application rates and other factors)

The Newsletter also includes information on upcoming meetings and a list of recent publications.  To access this issue or past issues, go to