Upcoming EPA Water Resources Climate Change Webinars and Workshops

EPA will host two webinars and two workshops that will explore the science available to identify, prioritize and manage water quality and quantity concerns related to climate change.  Presentations and case studies during these events will showcase current research, strategies and tools for managing water resources in a changing climate.  Water resource managers, practitioners and researchers from states, local government, academia, and Federal agencies are encouraged to attend.  Participants will have the opportunity to help identify areas for additional research and tool development.

May 2010 Webinars: The two national webinar meetings are intended to help prepare participants for the “in-person” regional workshops in June.

May 11: EPA’s role in water resources management for a changing climate

May 25: Climate Science

June 8-10, 2010 Workshops: The two Bi-Coastal Workshops will be held concurrently at EPA offices in New York and San Francisco.  Videoconference technology will link the workshop locations to foster cross-region learning and collaboration.  Workshop topics will include: 

  • Local Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Adaptation: an overview of how academic institutions and government agencies are downscaling global climate change data to estimate local impacts, identify vulnerabilities and plan adaptation strategies for communities.
  • Water Management Tools: the latest decision-support tools for managing climate-related changes to water quality and quantity.
  • Case Studies: pilot programs and case studies of state and local government efforts to identify, prioritize and manage water quality and quantity concerns related to climate change.

To register for these events, visit the web site at: http://epa.blhtech.com/resilientwaterworkshop.  For more information, please contact Marie O’Shea of EPA Region 2 in New York at 212-637-3585 or oshea.marie@epa.gov, or Matt Small of EPA Region 9 in San Francisco at 415-972-3366 or small.matthew@epa.gov.