“On-Call” Water Problem Solvers

ASDWA has learned about an organization called The Water Advice Network (WaterAN) that may be helpful to water systems who need help with a specific problem but may not be able to afford a full time consultant.  WaterAN was formed to ensure the continued availability of knowledge from recently retired and part-time water professionals.  Examples of services include:

  • Advice to help with difficult decisions, a second opinion, or regulatory compliance problems
  • Mentoring can provide experienced professionals who are only a phone call away
  • Document reviews to provide an independent, expert review of plans, strategies, and reports
  • Peer review opportunities from a team of independent, highly qualified experts.

WaterAN lets a system match experienced professionals with their needs.  While no longer interested in full-time employment, these professionals are available in an advisory capacity.  Click here to see a list of participating advisors.

For more information about WaterAN (managaed through Oxenford Consulting) go to http://oxenfordconsulting.com/The_Water_Advice_Network or email joxenford@comcast.net.