TapIt Promotes Tap Water and Sustainability

“TapIt” is a network of cafes, restaurants, and eateries that let you fill your reusable bottle with great tasting tap water.  Their goal is to “build a comprehensive network of partner cafes across the U.S. that makes clean tap water accessible to the public; match those who want water with those willing to provide it; and along the way, create a community of citizens who are making conscious decisions for a sustainable future.”

TapIt believes that many people would now prefer to drink tap water.  The practical problem is that tap water can be hard to find when away from home, office or hotel.  Restaurants and cafes sign up as ‘partners’ to provide tap water to those who carry a reusable bottle.  According to their website, TapIt offers clean drinking water without bulk water extraction and without asking you to buy plastic bottles which are carbon-costly and hard to recycle.”

TapIt programs are active in 22 states.  New York City, Salt Lake City, and most recently Washington, DC have signed on in support of the TapIt approach to water and environmental sustainability.  You can find participating restaurants, cafes, and eateries in several ways – via the TapIt website at http://www.tapitwater.com/, their mobile website (same url on a Smartphone) or iPhone application – called TapIt Water.  You can also download and print a city map or simply look for the TapIt sticker in restaurant and cafe windows.