New Tool to Support Community-Based Water Resiliency Initiative

EPA has developed a new tool to support the Agency’s Community-Based Water Resiliency initiative.  The tool will raise awareness of drinking water and wastewater (water sector) interdependencies with other community services to support emergency preparedness and response efforts. Critical infrastructure sectors have interdependencies with drinking water and/or wastewater services.  Many community services fall under these sectors (such as hospitals and power plants), and their operations could be severely affected by a water service disruption.

The tool will assist water utilities and all community stakeholders in increasing their preparedness for all-hazards impacting the water sector and their ability to respond to and recover from water service interruptions.  The electronic tool has a self-assessment feature which enables stakeholders to assess the strengths and weaknesses of current resiliency efforts, and provides a summary report with tailored recommendations for using resources within the tool that would aid in enhancing resiliency. Individual modules have been developed for water utility owners and operators; the healthcare and public health sector; the emergency services sector; state or tribal drinking water primacy agencies; elected officials; community members, and other non-water sector entities.

Access more information about the initiative and download the new tool HERE.