EPA to Renew ICR for Many Existing Drinking Water Rules

In order for EPA to collect data from water systems and states to support implementation of the SDWA, EPA must have an approved information collection request or ICR with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  These ICRs have time limits, and in the case of a number of them for existing drinking water rules, the time limits are ending.  EPA is therefore requesting that they be renewed.

The ICRs in question cover the Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproducts, Chemical and Radionuclides Rules (expires on December 31, 2011); the Microbial Rules (expires on April 30, 2012); and the Public Water System Supervision ICR (expires on March 31, 2012).  The PWSS ICR includes cross cutting activities like Public Notification, CCR, and primacy. With each renewal, EPA estimates whether there will be any change in the burden for states or water systems if the ICR is continued.  Unless there are new reporting requirements, the burden will usually be unchanged which is the case with most of these ICRs.  The only change EPA expects with any of these renewals is the increase in reporting by airlines under the Aircraft Drinking Water Rule.  This relatively new rule is now included under the Microbial Rules and causes an increase in burden, even though other microbial reporting is unchanged.  A new, rule specific, ICR will be required when the Revised Total Coliform Rule changes the whole microbial regulatory landscape in a few years.

EPA is requesting comment on the renewal of these ICRs.  More details about the ICRs and information about how to submit comments are included in the Federal Register notice here.