States Come Together for Successful Meeting on Optimizing Water System Performance

On July 19-20, approximately 55 individuals from 20 states, three EPA Regions, EPA-OGWDW, ASDWA, the consulting firm PAI, one water system, and several observers from Canada met in Cincinnati, Ohio for the 2011 National Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) meeting.  (Another dozen or so state and Regional attendees participated by live webstreaming).  This was the fourth such meeting, which has been held every other year, since 2005.

The meeting featured presentations and discussions on key topics such as demonstrating impacts of optimization; ensuring the integrity of data used to assess treatment plant performance; optimizing distribution system operations, particularly regarding DBP formation; and integrating optimization activities with the core work of state drinking water programs (especially capacity development and compliance assistance).  The meeting also included sharing, by representatives of each of the states in attendance, of both accomplishments and challenges associated with their optimization programs.

ASDWA will shortly be posting presentation information from the workshop on its website for the benefit of all states.