National Association of Realtors Publishes Water Toolkit

The National Association of Realtors has recently published Water Infrastructure:  A Toolkit for Realtors.  ASDWA encourages you to review and download this document as a useful resource to share with your communities.  The document provides easy to understand information across an array of pertinent water issues including sustainability, water security, water financing, regulations, and source protection initiatives.  As the web release notes…

“Real estate professionals often find themselves in the thick of water battles, and must explain local water requirements to property buyers and answer their questions about water supply and quality.  This toolkit is intended to offer a grounding in the basic issues of water infrastructure and to point to further resources for those wanting to delve deeper into particular aspects.  The information can help REALTORS® be strong advocates for the water rights of their customers and be community leaders proactive in finding solutions to infrastructure challenges.  REALTORS® can become an important source of information not just for their customers, but for the public at large.”

Please go to for more information and to download a copy of the toolkit.