Special Laboratory Data Assessment Session at the ASDWA Annual Conference

As noted in the Annual Conference announcement, we are partnering with the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) on a special half day seminar on Thursday after the formal conference sessions end.  A similar seminar was conducted in conjunction with our 2008 conference in Colorado Springs.  A more detailed flyer will be coming out to states soon and a complete agenda will be available on the ASDWA website. The following basic information can help you decide whether this course is right for you or your staff.

Course Description:

This half day workshop addresses ways to determine the quality of environmental laboratory data reported to water quality programs.  Participants will learn concepts related to the verification and validation of laboratory test results reported to federal, state and municipal compliance & monitoring programs. A specific focus includes automated tools available for use with electronic data deliverables.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Differences between laboratory certification (demonstrates a laboratory’s overall capability) and accountability (measures the quality of individual submitted results)
  • Measurement quality objectives and their importance to the evaluation and use of laboratory data
  • Overview of available automated data review/validation resources, such as EPA’s WebEDR
  • Importance of standardizing electronic data templates.

At the end of the seminar attendees will understand how to evaluate laboratory results reported to their programs and how to strengthen their program’s quality management plan by including enhanced laboratory accountability as a requirement along with laboratory certification.


State Drinking Water Program Administrators and staff responsible for accepting and assuring the quality of laboratory results reported to federal, state and local programs.  Please plan now to attend.  A separate registration is required.  See the link on ASDWA’s conferences web page at www.asdwa.org/conferences.