Sustainability and the U.S. EPA

A new report, now available from the National Research Council, is Sustainability and the U.S. EPA, Committee on Incorporating Sustainability in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Research Council, ISBN 978-0-309-21252-6, 2011. The report presents a framework for incorporating sustainability into EPA principles and decision making. It is intended to help the agency better assess the social, environmental, and economic impacts of options as it makes decisions.   The report includes chapters on:

  • History of Sustainability
  • Sustainability Framework for EPA
  • Sustainability Assessment and Management: Process, Tools, and Indicators
  • How Risk Assessment and Risk Management Relate to the Sustainability Framework
  • Changing the Culture at EPA
  • Benefits of a Sustainability Approach at EPA

This report is available at where it can be purchased as a soft cover book or downloaded for free as a PDF file.