ASDWA Annual Conference is a Great Success!

Thanks to everyone who attended, presented, and exhibited at ASDWA’s 26th Annual Conference that took place last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota!  The conference brought together over 200 participants from 40 states, one territory, five EPA Regions, EPA Headquarters, USDA, CDC, technical assistance programs, water associations, utilities, consultants, and drinking water treatment product supply companies.

Jill Jonas, ASDWA’s President and Director of Wisconsin’s State Drinking Water program, opened the conference by providing a recap of 2011 state drinking water program activities.  Nancy Stoner and Cynthia Dougherty of EPA’s Office of Water followed Jonas by highlighting the Agency’s priorities and budget concerns.  In addition, an entire portion of the opening session was devoted to speakers who shared ideas and success stories for addressing nitrogen and phosphorous pollution using a variety of national, state, and community approaches.

Other presentations and discussions during the three days of conference sessions covered the full range of drinking water topics including: small system issues; climate change; drinking water security; operator support; infrastructure needs; regulatory compliance; source water assessment and protection; and more.  The conference ended with a closing plenary session where states shared information about how they prepared for and responded to water supply issues and disruptions from devastating tornadoes, extreme heat and drought, and flooding.

Stay tuned to find out more about what happened at the ASDWA Annual Conference.  ASDWA will be posting the PowerPoint presentations, a video of the opening and closing sessions, and a summary of key discussion points on our web site in the near future.