NWQMC’s 4th Edition of “National Water Monitoring News”

The National Water Quality Monitoring Council (or “Council”), is pleased to release the fourth edition of their online newsletter National Water Monitoring News: http://acwi.gov/monitoring/newsletter/National_Monitoring_News_fall2011.pdf.

This newsletter provides a forum of communication among water practitioners across the Nation. In support of the national Council’s mission, this newsletter is geared to foster partnerships and collaboration; advance water science; improve monitoring strategies; and enhance data integration, comparability, and reporting.  This edition highlights a number of events, activities, and new products, including the following:

  • The Council’s upcoming 8th National Monitoring Conference (April 30 – May 4, 2012, Portland, OR)
  • Updates on monitoring including:
    • Chesapeake Bay Partners monitor the effects of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Depression Lee
    • U.S. Forest Service’s Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment Program
    • U.S. EPA’s National Wetlands Condition Assessment and National Lakes Assessment
    • Bivalve monitoring in the Great Lakes
    • New national network of reference watersheds and monitoring sites for freshwater streams
    • San Diego Coastkeeper toxicity testing and volunteer monitors
    • Updates from the Indiana, North Dakota, and Colorado Councils
    • Increased data sharing in New Jersey through state-nonprofit volunteer monitoring partnership
    • Urban Water Federal Partnership
  • New tools including:
    • An online Decision Support System for assessment of nutrients in streams and rivers
    • “BioData” – the USGS web-based bioassessment database