Water System Council Shares National Geographic “Water Footprint” Calculator

Our colleagues at the Water Systems Council have shared the following information on how to take advantage of an excellent tool created by National Geographic. Read on for more information about how much water you REALLY use…you may be surprised!

“We live in a watery world, with the average American lifestyle fueled by nearly 2,000 gallons of H2O a day. What may come as a surprise is that very little of that-only five percent-runs through toilets, taps, and garden hoses at home. Nearly 95 percent of your water footprint is hidden in the food you eat, energy you use, products you buy, and services you rely on.”

“Find out your water footprint, then pledge to dry it out, joining other nationalgeographic.com users who have already committed to saving thousands of gallons. The more we save, the more water we leave for healthy ecosystems and a sustainable future.

Click here to see how much water you’re using and what you can do to reduce your use! Find more tips here and here!