EPA to Develop Report on the Value of Water

On December 5th, EPA’s Office of Water kicked off a new effort to develop a report on the value of water by holding a public teleconference of the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee of the Agency’s Science Advisory Board.  During the teleconference, the committee discussed the scope and approach for evaluating the importance of clean water to the U.S. economy and providing a resource for future decision-making.  The Agency is seeking advice and comment from the committee on questions concerning how the availability of clean water may affect patterns of development and provide advantage to industry, agriculture, and infrastructure; as well as what data are available or needed.  EPA anticipates that this effort, combined with EPA research, will integrate market and nonmarket (e.g., recreation) economic values that will support decision-making at multiple levels.

Written comments from the public will be accepted until December 16th.  EPA plans to hold a workshop in Summer 2012 and expects the committee to provide final recommendations by the end of CY 2012.  Click HERE for more information and to view the committee charge questions.