Report Suspicious Activity to the WaterISAC

The WaterISAC is asking that you share information about any suspicious activities that may have occurred within the past 6 months.  The information will be analyzed to help identify potential trends or patterns in intentional malicious activities within the water sector.  You do not have to be a subscriber to share your information.

As recent security incidents and suspicious activities in Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and other places demonstrate, water and wastewater systems remain possible targets of people with malicious intent.  With your help, we can help protect the water sector from such people.  Some incidents may appear insignificant, but when analyzed with other incidents, they may prove to be part of a possibly dangerous pattern.  Timely reporting to WaterISAC enhances the overall security of the water sector and reduces public misinformation.  So report all events, no matter how insignificant they may seem.  The information you share with WaterISAC is kept confidential and sources are not divulged.  Events worth reporting include:

  • Equipment tampering
  • Physical intrusions
  • Suspicious facility surveillance or observation
  • Unauthorized people attempting gate access
  • Cyber intrusions
  • Thefts
  • Broken locks

So, please, after contacting appropriate law enforcement agencies, report security incidents and suspicious activities to WaterISAC at or by clicking “Report Incident” online at