NESC Tech Brief on Oil, Gas, and Source Water

The National Environmental Services Center (NESC) has published a new issue of its Tech Brief series titled “Oil and Gas Extraction and Source Water Protection.” In this issue, NESC Engineering Scientist Zane Satterfield examines increased activity in the oil and natural gas industries — especially with shale gas development — and how these efforts impact drinking water, wastewater, and source water protection.  Read the issue online at

This Tech Brief joins more than 50 others on topics ranging from arsenic to valve exercising. View the complete collection at:

A related article, “Communities, Water Sources and Potential Impacts of Shale Gas Development”, describes the challenges a community may encounter as a result of shale gas development and offers suggestions for protecting community and water sources from potential negative impacts. This article is available through NESC’s Water We Drink website at: