Hypoxia Task Force Coordinating Committee on Nutrient Reduction Strategy Development: Workshop on Watershed Prioritization

On January 5th, from 10:00 a.m. — 12:00 noon ET, EPA will host the first in a series of workshops focusing on the elements of statewide nutrient reduction strategies and frameworks.  The objective of this workshop is to bring together Hypoxia Task Force state water quality, agriculture, and natural resource agencies to share approaches for prioritizing watersheds as part of development of state-wide strategies/frameworks.   The Agency intends to prepare a report to use as a reference in the future and present the report publicly at the Fall 2012 Task Force meeting.  The primary target audience is state agencies that would have a stake in identifying priority watersheds for nutrient reduction.

This workshop, which will be run as a webinar, will feature several state presentations that will focus on how states are prioritizing watersheds on a statewide basis for nitrogen and phosphorus loading reductions.  After the state presentations, there will be a “roundtable discussion that will highlight:

  • other states’ approaches or planned approaches to prioritize watersheds;
  • types of involvement by state agencies;
  • the incorporation of MRBI watersheds;
  • challenges or barriers facing states and useful tools for prioritization; and,
  • involvement of external stakeholders.

A detailed agenda will follow shortly.  In the meantime, please share this information within your agency and with the other state agencies that need to be involved in strategy/framework development.

You may reserve your Webinar Seat Now at:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/487924330

For more information on the Gulf Hypoxia Task Force and Coordinating Committee, please go to: http://water.epa.gov/type/watersheds/named/msbasin/members.cfm.