Highlights from the USGS Cooperative Water Program

USGS has just issued the latest Highlights from the USGS Cooperative Water Program (CWP), through a listserve targeting those interested in water issues. The CWP monitors and assesses water in every State, protectorate, and territory of the U.S. in partnership with about 1,550 local, State, and Tribal agencies. In the email update readers can learn about and directly access water data on streams, groundwater and water quality, as well as selected products released over the last three months on water availability, ecosystem health, water quality and drinking water, water hazards, energy, and climate. Included in the highlights are upcoming events about the Colorado River Basin and on groundwater/surface water relations. There are also science highlights concerning reservoir sedimentation in Kansas, groundwater flow in Oklahoma, ground water quality in North Carolina, and stream bank erosion in Alaska, among others.

You can access all the CWP information on the USGS website at http://water.usgs.gov/coop, or be placed on the distribution list for the “highlights”. To subscribe to USGS CWP HIGHLIGHTS, send an email message to: Listproc@listserver.usgs.gov . Insert one line in the message body – subscribe CWP-HIGHLIGHTS FirstName LastName (Example: subscribe CWP-HIGHLIGHTS John Smith).


  • A subject line is not required when subscribing or unsubscribing.
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  • No characters can appear in front of the word subscribe. For example:
  • “ /0/0 subscribe cwp-highlights John Smith” will result in an error and your email address will not be subscribed to the CWP-HIGHLIGHTS mailing list.
  • Both FirstName and LastName are required. For example, “subscribe CWP-HIGHLIGHTS” will result in an error, and your email address will not be subscribed to the CWP-HIGHLIGHTS mailing list.
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