Water Research Foundation Board of Trustees Votes to Commit $6.4 Million to Its 2012 Research Program

At its January 20th meeting, the Water Research Foundation’s Board of Trustees approved $6.4 million in 2012 funding for the Foundation’s three key research programs. This research budget will be leveraged with partnerships and in-kind support, raising the total amount of funds dedicated to drinking water research to approximately $15 million.

The Board also approved 10 water utility challenges that will be addressed under the Focus Area Program. These challenges were identified through a comprehensive review of existing research and input from Foundation stakeholders. The Foundation will now recruit a Technical Advisory Committee for each approved area that will work to develop a multi-year research agenda. Projects for each area will be selected in early April. Once projects are approved, requests for proposals will be finalized and issued for competitive award.

The three focus areas and 10 water utility challenge areas are described HERE.