White House Jobs Council Recommends “Smart” Regulatory Reforms

Approximately a year ago, the Obama Administration convened the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, also known as the White House Jobs Council. Comprised of 27 leaders from business, labor and academia, the Jobs Council’s mission is to develop “…realistic, achievable ideas that business and government can put into practice starting now.”

On January 17, 2012, the Council published Road Map to Renewal, a report that includes a series of recommendations for action. Among them is “Enhance American Competitiveness through Smart Regulatory Reform.” Specifically, the recommendation states, “The Jobs Council recommends the Administration and Congress pursue a series of regulatory reforms focused on actively engaging stakeholders, improving regulatory procedures wherever possible, and conducting regulatory impact analysis. The Council aims by 2020 to ensure the U.S. leads the world in regulatory competitiveness, which will boost economic activity, job creation, and per capita income even as we assure the health and safety of the American people. Key recommendations:

  • Engage in Earlier Public Outreach and Disclosure of Data and Costs.
  • Create Regulatory Ombudsmen to Reach Out to Regulated Parties for Feedback.
  • Create a “Regulatory Portal” for Information about Regulatory Requirements for Each Sector of the Economy.
  • Pilot an Approach to “One Stop Shop” Expedited Permitting on Large Scale Projects.
  • Seek Better Alignment Between U.S. Regulations and International Regulatory Standards.
  • Develop a System for Agency Retrospective Review.
  • Commission Independent Third-Party Analysis of Regulations.
  • Require Regulatory Impact Analysis for IRCs.

To read more about the Council, its mission and membership, and its recommendations, please go HERE.