EPA Shares Stormwater and Sustainability Updates with Stakeholder Groups

On February 9, EPA’s Office of Water held a meeting with water and wastewater utility groups to discuss a few of the Agency’s continuing efforts. Following are some items of note from the meeting:

  • Work is continuing on EPA’s proposed stormwater rule. The estimated timeframe for the final rule has been extended to January 2013. For more information, visit EPA’s web site HERE.
  • EPA has been conducting a series of workshops and collecting feedback on its integrated municipal stormwater and wastewater planning memo and draft framework document. This effort is aimed at helping municipalities meet their Clean Water Act obligations by optimizing their infrastructure improvement investments. Several drinking water organizations are encouraging EPA to include drinking water utilities in this effort. For more information, visit EPA’s web site HERE.
  • EPA is continuing a dialogue with stakeholders and looking for feedback on the recommendations of the National Research Council for incorporating sustainability into the Agency’s principles and decision making processes. To view the report, visit EPA’s web site HERE.