Arsenic and Rads Videos for Small Systems

The Montana Water Center announces the availability of four new, short videos/movies that should be useful tools for small public water systems, TA providers, and state regulators. The films that comprise Treating for Arsenic and Radionuclides: Small Water System Experiences describe how five small communities in Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota successfully addressed arsenic, radium and uranium contaminants in their water supplies to comply with EPA regulations. The challenges they surmounted ranged from the need for advanced operators in isolated rural communities, to the effects of first-time chlorination in 90-year-old distribution systems, to concerns with disposing of hazardous waste.

The Montana Water Center is distributing a limited number of these CDs to primacy agencies and technical assistance providers. Each video is 8-12 minutes long. Others can download the four movies and associated resource files from the Center’s training site at or stream the movies from its YouTube channel: More information on the videos can also be found on the Water Center website at: