USGS Cooperative Water Program Quarterly Highlights

The following highlights are from the USGS’ Cooperative Water Program (CWP), which monitors and assesses water in every State, protectorate, and territory of the U.S. in partnership with about 1,550 local, State, and Tribal agencies.  The Program provides online access to water data on streams, groundwater and water quality, as well as scientific findings on water availability, ecosystem health, water quality and drinking water, water hazards, energy, and climate.

New highlights this quarter:

  • Water quality in the northwestern Colorado Piceance Basin undergoing large-scale energy development (Read more….)
  • Groundwater availability—now and in the future—in eastern Arkansas, the mountain valleys of Idaho, and on the islands of Hawaii (Read more….)
  • Declining lake levels associated with groundwater use in Minnesota (Read more….)
  • New evapotranspiration (ET) website in Nevada (
  • Tracking stream flow in the Rio Grande, North-Central New Mexico (Read more….)
  • Drought impacts on groundwater in the Houston-Galveston Region of Texas (Read more….)
  • Enhanced flood technology installed in Des Moines, Iowa (Read more….)
  • Flood inundation map libraries for communities in Indiana (Read more….)
  • Paleoflood science in the Black Hills of South Dakota (Read more….)
  • Invasive zebra mussels in lakes in North Texas (Read more….)
  • Salmon, habitat management, and water quality in the Molalla River in northern Oregon (Read more….)
  • Water quality improvements and best-management practices in agricultural watersheds in Wisconsin (Read more…)
  • Taste-and-odor compounds (GEOSMIN) and harmful algal blooms in South Carolina (Read more…)
  • Updates on threatened or endangered stream gages across the Nation
  • Colorado River Basin Stakeholder Meeting Book available – with summaries on the USGS Water Census, National Streamflow Information Program, Cooperative Water Program, and activities in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming (20 mb)
  • Webinar Power Point available on groundwater/surface water modeling and decision making in Sonoma County, California and Yakima River Basin, Washington (10 mb)

For questions on specific studies or USGS programs in individual States, please contact the USGS Water Science Director in the respective State by clicking on the “map” in the right hand corner or toggle box in the left sidebar on  Comments and feedback on the Cooperative Water Program are welcome ( We look forward to hearing from you.

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