House Considers Cybersecurity Bills

Five cybersecurity bills are set for consideration on the House Floor next week. Most focus on strategies for enhanced information sharing between businesses in the private sector and the Federal government. As part of this strategic strengthening initiative, some of the bills also include clarifying language to better delineate Federal (DHS) authorities to collect and protect sensitive data. Others of the measures include research and development initiatives. Collectively, these bills respond to a 2011 Republican cybersecurity taskforce report that called for enhanced information sharing and improved collaboration between government and the private sector without initiating new regulatory requirements.

The bills are:

HR 2096 – McCaul (R-TX) from the House Science Space & Technology Committee
HR 3523 – Rogers (R-MI) from the House Intelligence Committee
HR 3674 – Lundgren (R-CA) from the House Homeland Security Committee
HR 3834 – Hall (R-TX) from the House Science Space & Technology Committee
HR 4257 – Issa (R-CA) from the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee

HR 3523 and HR 4257 have Democrat cosponsors and reasonable bipartisan support.