EPA publishes Energy-Water Principles Document

On April 24, Nancy Stoner, EPA’s Acting Assistant Administrator for Water, announced the release of the “Principles for an Energy-Water Future,” that was developed jointly by EPA’s Office of Water and EPA’s Office of Research and Development. The purpose of this effort is to encourage stakeholders – including government, utilities, private companies and ratepayers – to consider the six principles outlined in the document and incorporate them into their work.

The principles are familiar concepts: water and energy efficiency, a water-wise energy sector, an energy-wise water sector, viewing wastewater as a source of renewable resources, integrated resource planning, and maximizing social benefits. EPA hopes that having them listed in one document that touches upon all aspects of energy and water’s interdependency will help to further raise awareness, stimulate discussion and advance progress.

To view and download the document, visit the EPA web site HERE.

Stoner memo – Principles for an Energy-Water Future 04-24-12