FY 13 Spending in Jeopardy

The House, the Senate, and the Administration are set for conflict over how much the Government will have to spend for fiscal 2013. The Senate has chosen to base funding allocations on the August 2011 debt limit agreement – a total of $1.047 trillion. The House has determined to adhere to the lower appropriations funding levels ($1.028 trillion) as outlined in their 2013 Budget Resolution. The House-Senate difference is about $19 billion. The Administration has warned that it will veto any funding that is less than the August 2011 agreed-to figures.

The table, attached to this email, (taken from CQ Daily for April 25, 2012) shows fiscal 2013 appropriations limits by subcommittee, known as 302(b) allocations, for both House and Senate. The totals for some subcommittees include allowances spending above the base allocation. The Senate allocations were released April 19; the House allocations were released April 24.

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