NOAA Releases Report on Incorporating Sea Level Change Scenarios at the Local Level

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Coastal Services Center has released a report entitled, “Incorporating Sea Level Change Scenarios at the Local Level,”
a ‘low-tech’ companion for their technical report, Technical Considerations for Use of Geospatial Data in Sea Level Change Mapping and Assessment.

This Report outlines eight steps a community can take to develop site-specific scenarios. Using this information, communities can develop a process that incorporates a range of possibilities and factors to address their specific circumstances as well as develop the data and information that officials will need to make their communities more readily adaptable to changing conditions.

State drinking water programs will want to share this report with their water utilities in coastal areas to assist community decision-making processes and long-term planning for adaptation to potential sea level change impacts. To view the report, please visit: