White House Launches New Reg Reform Website

On Wednesday, the Cass Sunstein, the Director of OMB’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, announced the launch of a new website to encourage the public and business owners to offer their suggestions on how to streamline or eliminate Federal regulations.

In a video posted on the OMB website, the often termed “Regulatory Czar” stated that, “All [Federal] agencies must give priority to reforms that would produce significant quantifiable savings or big reductions in paperwork and reporting burdens. And all agencies must report regularly to the public on their progress…To improve our review, and to make it as ambitious as possible, we are announcing, today, an opportunity for members of the public to offer their ideas. Which rules are outdated? Which ones are imposing unjustified costs? Which ones can be improved or made more effective? “

The new site, WhiteHouse.gov/Advise, asks for input and response to one simple question…How can the federal government streamline, simplify or eliminate federal regulations to help businesses and individuals?

Sunstein has estimated that the government will save at least $10 billion from reforms that agencies outlined earlier this year. Many call for reduction in paperwork requirements or eliminating outdated rules. This latest effort hopes to expand on those early successes.