House Set to Consider Reg Reform Package

The Republican-led House is set to consider HR 4078, the Regulatory Freeze for Jobs Act of 2012. This bill, introduced in February 2012 by Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR) calls for a Federal freeze on all major regulatory actions until unemployment rates fall to 6 percent. Since introduction, however, the measure has been amended to include other regulation-focused legislative proposals. The new composite measure would also require Federal Agency regulatory cost estimates of unfunded mandates on local governments and businesses; set new environmental review deadlines under NEPA; provide for public comment opportunities on consent decrees and settlement agreements from court cases on rules and regulations; and prohibit a lame duck President from implementing significant regulations.

While the measure may be successful in the House, there’s no strong indication of support in the Senate. Not surprisingly, the White House has issued a veto threat, noting that many of the conditions of the proposed legislation are already in place, such as consideration of costs and benefits and evaluation of regulatory alternatives.