Promote “Protect Your Groundwater Day” on September 11th

ASDWA encourages states to promote the protection of public health by sharing this information with your water utilities, and through your media networks, about “Protect Your Groundwater Day” on September 11.  Protect Your Groundwater Day (PYGWD) is an occasion for every citizen to ACT:  Acknowledge the issue; Consider how it applies to you; then Take Action.

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) has put together a collection of materials and resources that states and water utilities can use to promote this day and educate the general public about what they can do to protect their groundwater.  Following are just a few of the many resources NGWA has made available on itsPYGWD Web site: 

Preventable causes of groundwater contamination

Water Conservation Options

  • Water Use Calculator:  Try this simple water calculator to get a reference for your family water use. Just fill in the blue boxes and watch the water usage change.

Private Well Owner Information

Private well owners can visit NGWA’s website for more information on the following topics:

For more information about these and other available resources, including web logos, visit the PYGWD Web site and/or contact Cliff Treyens of NGWA at 614-898-7791 ext. 554, or