EPA Water Security Division Posts New Wastewater Response Protocol Toolbox

EPA’s Water Security Division has developed a new resource primarily for wastewater utilities that emphasizes emergency preparedness for disasters and contamination caused intentionally or by accident. The new resource is called the Wastewater Response Protocol Toolbox (EPA 817-B-09-001), and represents a multi-year collaboration effort with stakeholders throughout the wastewater and security arenas.  It is an information document for planning for and responding to contamination (or threat of contamination) of wastewater systems.  The document describes how utilities and their partners should engage in emergency response planning to increase their preparedness.  Also, it offers recommendations on emergency response issues such as who to notify, what actions to take, how to conduct a threat evaluation, how to safely collect samples, how to analyze samples, and steps to recover from a contamination event. Overall, this document is a preparedness tool and can be used voluntarily by utilities and their partners.

The document has been posted on EPA’s website, and is available at:  http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/watersecurity/emerplan/index.cfm#content.