Water Health and Economic Analysis Tool (WHEAT) 2.0 Available

EPA, in collaboration with partners, developed the Water Health and Economic Analysis Tool (WHEAT) version 2.0 to assist drinking water and wastewater utility (water sector) owners and operators in quantifying human health and economic consequences for a variety of scenarios that pose a significant risk to the water sector.  WHEAT is a generalized, threat-neutral consequence analysis tool designed to be used by utility owners and operators to supplement their expert opinion in risk assessment methods by providing a more detailed consequence analysis.  WHEAT 2.0 software analyzes two kinds of scenarios for drinking water and wastewater utilities: 1) the loss of one or more assets; and 2) the release of a stored hazardous gas.

This website, http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/watersecurity/techtools/wheat.cfm, contains a WHEAT Fact Sheet, a helpful explanatory video on how WHEAT can benefit utilities, installation directions, and a clickable download option for the tool.