Recruiting and Training Veterans for Careers in the Water Sector

To help start your new year off right, why not consider hiring a veteran?  These men and women are used to accepting serious responsibilities and working hard to get the job done.  They often are well qualified to work in the water sector – whether in your state’s drinking water program or at one of the utilities under your purview.  EPA and the Veterans Administration, through the Veterans Initiative, have joined forces to help match vets with careers in water.  There are programs to sync a vet’s previous military responsibilities with those that pertain to operating a water system as well as a special program that will train disabled vets to meet certification requirements and provide an on-the-job stipend while the vet learns the ropes.

Here are some useful weblinks to help you get started:

You may also want to take a look at two additional documents attached here.  The first is a paragraph that you could use to encourage others to consider hiring vets.  The second is a fact sheet that outlines special opportunities for vets wishing to take advantage of GI Bill benefits and for those interested in some of the specialized benefits available when hiring vets with disabilities.

Attachment — Veteran Initiative Promotional Flyer.docx

Attachment — Veteran Initiative Promotional Paragraph Insert