Virtual Tour of a Drinking Water Plant

Sometimes, it’s good to remember what good tools we already have on hand.  Do you remember when EPA introduced “Thirstin”, the little talking water glass?  He served as the tour guide for any number of videos produced by the Agency.  The information below directs you to Thirstin’s tour of a drinking water plant.  The Virtual Tour, created about six years ago, still contains helpful information, tips and games to help the user become more water savvy.

Through the Virtual Tour, one can view step-by-step how water is treated and delivered to a  home or business as water that is safe to drink.  The tour underscores the point that drinking water is inexpensive compared to other household costs.  Viewers of the tour learn why it’s important to keep the environment clean and find out what they can do to protect our nation’s sources of drinking water.

Virtual Tour of a Drinking Water Treatment Plant (requires Adobe Flash).

* This link will open up a large file that may take several minutes to open   based on your internet connection speed.

This CD can be ordered by calling 1-800-490-9198 and requesting EPA publication number 816-C-06-002. You can also go to place your order using the same publication number.