U.S. Water Alliance Launches Webinar Series on Hydraulic Fracturing

The U.S. Water Alliance has launched a four-part webinar series entitled, “Hydraulic Fracturing: Beyond Name Calling to Real Environmental Protection,” that will be conducted over the next four months.  This series brings together experts in water, energy, and conservation to explore the most important issues and disclose the most successful steps to prevent problems through each stage of the shale gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing process, from locating an operation to site closure and restoration. The webinars won’t be “technical” but will involve presenters with technical expertise from industry, and regulatory, policy, and environmental NGO sectors.

The first webinar entitled, “Knowing Your Watershed and Assessing Potential Environmental, Economic, and Social Impacts,” was held on January 15th.  Presenters provided an overview of water quantity and water quality issues including:  considerations for the value and cost of natural gas production and water supplies; the need for community engagement; and information about a new study that assesses water rights appropriations and water availability in the western states.  The next three webinars will be held as follows:

  • February 19: Transparency that Benefits All-Disclosing Fracturing Fluids and Operations
  • March 18: Practical Considerations for Management, Re-use, and Disposal of “Waste” Waters
  • April 16: Closure and Restoration: Final Considerations

For more information and to register, visit the U.S. Water Alliance web site HERE.