AWWA Request for Proposal: Process Control System Security Guidance for the Water Sector

Over the past few years, cyber vulnerabilities have emerged as an urgent priority in homeland security, as evidenced by the recent announcement that the Department of Defense will expand its defensive cyber capabilities by over 500%.  A number of experts in and out of government consider the nation’s vulnerability to a cyber shut-down of process control systems to be one of its most glaring security weaknesses.  To meet these challenges, AWWA has issued a request for proposal to identify best practices and develop appropriate cyber guidance that focuses on cyber security at water utilities.

The objective of the (attached PDF) AWWA Request for Proposals (RFP) is to develop a better understanding of existing “cyber security best practices for the water sector” and to develop guidance supporting more informed actions by water utility managers that mitigate the vulnerabilities to their mission-critical systems, assets and operations.  The hope is that the RFP will result in guidance that both provides direct support to water utilities and aligns with the objectives of the recent Executive Order on Cybersecurity.

  • RESPONSE DUE DATE:  COB, March 18, 2013.
  • RESPONSE FORMAT:  Proposals should be in Word or Adobe Acrobat format and no longer than 10 pages exclusive of team qualifications.
  • RESPONSE DELIVERY:  Proposals are accepted via email to:
  • QUESTIONS:  Contact Kevin Morley, AWWA, 202-326-6124 or

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