USDA Releases Reports on Climate Change Effects and Adaptation for Agriculture and Forests

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released two reports entitled, “Climate Change and Agriculture: Effects and Adaptation” and “Effects of Climate Variability and Change on Forest Ecosystems: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the U.S. Forest Sector”, as inputs to the National Climate Assessment.  Scientists from the federal service, universities, non-governmental organizations, industry, tribal lands and the private sector contributed to the peer-reviewed studies.  The reports discuss how climate change is affecting U.S. farms, forests, grasslands, and rural communities.  While U.S. agriculture and resource management have long histories of successful adaptation to climate variability, the accelerating pace and intensity of climate change presents new challenges to be addressed, as highlighted in the reports.  The reports evaluate current conditions and look ahead to the next 25 to 100 years and the potential consequences of climate change.

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