AWWA Publishes WARN “Superstorm Sandy After- Action Report”

AWWA has just published its after action report that identifies successes, challenges, and proposed key actions based on the events and efforts surrounding last Fall’s Superstorm Sandy. The 10-page report is based on March 8, 2013 multiple situation briefings, meetings with impacted utilities and leaders from the affected WARNs, and their partners.The Report is based on situation briefs, impacts documented in WARN After Action Reports or direct communications with utilities and/or supporting partners. It evaluates eight critical issues and areas such as communications, the energy-water nexus, and elevating the priority status of water infrastructure and offers “…a straight forward assessment of what happened and what can be done to make us better prepared as a collective in the future.”

Please click here Superstorm Sandy After-Action Report to read the Report in its entirety. Thanks to our colleagues at AWWA for preparing and sharing this important document.