EPA to Host Climate Ready Webinars

EPA’s Water Security Division is offering two opportunities for states and utilities to learn more about new and updated tools that look at climate readiness, extreme weather events, climate-based risk assessments, and adaptation planning strategies.

On April 10th, EPA will host a webinar (1:00-2:00 eastern) on two tools, the Extreme Events Workshop Planner and the Adaptation Strategies Guide. The presentation will demonstrate how utilities can use the tools together to develop an adaptation plan. The session will also include a guest presentation from Craig Kern on a pilot workshop in Erie, Pennsylvania with the Erie Waterworks.

On April 24th, EPA will host the second webinar (1:00-2:00 eastern) on the Climate Resilience Evaluation and Awareness Tool, or CREAT. CREAT allows utilities to learn about localized climate impacts and complete a comprehensive risk assessment to help prepare for and adapt to those impacts. This webinar will continue demonstrating the tool processes, with an outline of the baseline analysis, resilience analysis and adaptation planning steps. As part of this presentation, Southern Nevada Water Authority in Las Vegas, Nevada will provide a description of their experience using CREAT with EPA.

To register, view the “Training Calendar” tab at www.epa.gov/climatereadyutilities. Participant space is limited, so we suggest that you register early.  You’ll receive an email confirmation when your registration is approved. Please contact EPA at CRWUhelp@epa.gov if you have any questions or require additional information regarding CRWU initiative tools, resources, or webinars.