EPA Seeking Nominees for the Science Advisory Board

The Chartered Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff Office published a Federal Register notice this week seeking nominees for the Science Advisory Board and its Standing Committees.  This is an opportunity for you to submit nominations for a term on the SAB itself or, more specifically, the SAB Drinking Water Committee (DWC).  The DWC provides advice on the scientific and technical aspects of EPA’s national drinking water program.

For the DWC, EPA is seeking experts with experience on drinking water issues. Nominees should have one or more of the following disciplines: Epidemiology; infectious disease; microbiology; and public health.  State drinking water staff with a good scientific background in these areas would be excellent additions to the Drinking Water Committee.  The SAB staff Office will be accepting nominations until May 13, 2013.  More details on the nomination process are included in the FR notice (see link below).  The link for the SAB website is also included for additional information on the responsibilities and activities of the SAB and DWC.  Recently the SAB has been active in projects related to perchlorate, arsenic, and hydraulic fracturing.

Nominating Candidates to SAB and Standing Committees.

The current Drinking Water Committee.

For further information about the DWC membership appointment process, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Carpenter, Designated Federal Officer, Science Advisory Board Drinking Water Committee by phone at 202 564 4885 or email at Carpenter.Thomas@epa.gov.