A New Security Tools for States

ASDWA’s Drinking Water Security Committee and EPA’s Water Security Division have continued their joint efforts to produce products that offer state primacy agencies some low cost/no cost ways to enhance their own security posture and provide additional support for their water systems as they strive to be resilient in the face of natural disasters and intentional security breaches.  The latest product in this ongoing series is as follows:

  • State Drinking Water Program All Hazards Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery Checklist:  This document provides state drinking water programs with a checklist of actions that should be considered before, during, and after an emergency.  The document offers recommended actions that every state drinking water program should be able to undertake and implement to support and sustain public health protection.  (July 2013).  A PDF copy of this checklist appears below.

You may also recall the earlier joint ASDWA-EPA effort that produced “Bridging the Gap:    Coordination Between State Primacy Agencies and State Emergency Management Agencies.” That effort focused on collaborative opportunities between state primacy and emergency management agencies when an incident requires state involvement.  The document highlights the need to consider water as part of an effective emergency response; the value that state primacy agencies can provide both before and during an emergency; and a quick checklist of topics that should be discussed when a primacy agency meets with their emergency management counterparts.  (February 2013)

Both documents are located on the ASDWA website at www.asdwa.org in the Important Documents section under the Security tab.

State All Hazards Checklist