Employment Opportunity: Nebraska Drinking Water Program

The Nebraska drinking water program is advertising the following position:

Position:  Environmental Engineer III
Location: Lincoln, NE
Salary:  $55,162/annually

  • Job Description: The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is seeking an Environmental Engineer III to perform administrative and consultative professional services for the Nebraska Public Drinking Water Program.  Job duties include:
  • Reviewing complex facility plans and specifications;
  • Negotiating with consulting engineers regarding costs, basic design, and features of major engineering projects;
  • Conducting on-site inspection of assigned equipment and/or facilities;
  • Developing computer programs to create, maintain and access databases and to model environmental conditions;
  • Compile statistics, charts and tables of findings, interpret findings and prepare reports or correspondence;
  • Conferring with and providing technical assistance to local boards of health, municipal officials, industrial officials, consulting engineers, and the general public; and
  • Conducting presentations and attending meetings of associations and organizations as a representative of the agency.
  • Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in civil, mechanical, chemical or agricultural engineering plus four years of experience in environmental engineering work; or Master’s degree in sanitary engineering, plus three years of experience in environmental related engineering work.  The candidate must possess registration as a professional engineer in Nebraska.
  • Note: The agency will also consider filling the position at the Environmental Engineer I or II level with less experience and pay.

For more information and to apply, visit the web site HERE.