A “No Drama” CR in the Works?

Several members of the House Appropriations Committee are recommending what’s being characterized as a “no drama” approach for the much anticipated continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government running when the new fiscal year begins on October 1st.  Neither side of the political aisle favors a government shut-down but negotiations would have to begin with both House conservatives to gain buy in and with the Senate to assess their willingness for this type of compromise.  A straightforward CR would be expected to extend current funding levels – approximately $988 billion for domestic discretionary spending accounts.  This would represent a significant compromise between House Republicans who adhere to the Budget Control Act’s required $967 billion cap and the Senate appropriators (led by Barbara Mikulski, D-MD) who want to overturn the sequester language and use $1.058 trillion as the FY 14 spending cap.  “No drama” discussions are expected to continue throughout the remainder of the Congressional August recess.