WaterSense Releases Notice of Intent to Develop a Specification for Commercial Toilets

In an effort to improve water efficiency, the WaterSense program is announcing its intent to develop a specification to extend restroom savings to  places of business. Older flushometer-valve toilets typically found in commercial and institutional facilities such as airports, schools, stadiums, and office buildings can use more than 3.4 gallons per flush.  With a growing emphasis on water efficiency, there is an interest in seeing commercial toilets that are even more efficient than the national standard of 1.6 gallons per flush.  The notice of intent describes the efficiency and performance criteria WaterSense is considering including in a draft specification, as well as the technical issues that still need to be more fully defined and resolved. Read more about WaterSense plans for a flushometer-valve specification at: http://www.epa.gov/watersense/products/flushometer-valve-toilets.html.