Water Sector Councils Update Strategic Roadmap for Security

Building on work begun in 2009, the Water Sector Coordinating Council (utility based) and the Water Sector Government Coordinating Council (government based) have just completed an update of the Roadmap to a Secure & Resilient Water Sector, designed to highlight progress made since 2009 and identify new and ongoing priority activities needed to improve Water Sector resilience.  The purpose of the Roadmap is to establish a strategic framework that achieves the following:

  • Articulate the priorities of industry and government in the Water Sector to manage and reduce risk.
  • Produce an actionable path forward for the WGCC, WSCC, and security partners to improve the security and resilience of the Water Sector over the near term (within two years) and mid-term (within five years).
  • Guide sector partners in developing new products and services and formulating budgets.
  • Create a shared understanding of and collectively advocate sector priorities, and recognize institutional constraints and different accountabilities.
  • Encourage extensive engagement among all key stakeholders to strengthen public-private partnerships and accelerate security advances throughout the Water Sector.

The Water Sector’s vision is a secure and resilient drinking water and wastewater infrastructure that provides clean and safe water as an integral part of daily life, ensuring the economic vitality of and public confidence in the Nation’s drinking water and wastewater service through a layered defense of effective preparedness and security practices in the sector.

To download a copy of the Roadmap, go to www.asdwa.org, click on the Security tab, and scroll down to the listing under “Important Documents.”