New Issue of the USGS GeoHealth Newsletter Available

GeoHealth is the U.S. Geological Survey’s environmental health science newsletter.  The newsletter describes a broad range of scientific information valuable to safeguarding the health of the environment, fish and wildlife, domesticated animals, and people. The newsletter is issued twice a year.  Among the many articles in this issue are some that may be of interest to state drinking water programs including the following:

  • USGS Response to Hurricane Sandy
  • New Hampshire Groundwater Used for Drinking Water Contains Arsenic: What’s the Risk?
  • Natural Attenuation Accelerating Pump-and-Treat Cleanup of TCE in Fractured Rock
  • Groundwater Restoration Slowed by Organic Materials on Sediments
  • Complex Mixture of Contaminants in Streams Found Miles from the Source
  • Evidence of Little-Studied Class of Steroid Hormones in U.S. Streams
  • Fungicides Found in Streams and Groundwater in High-Use Agricultural Settings
The newsletter also includes information on upcoming meetings and recent publications.  You can access the complete GeoHealth here.