Successful Small Systems Workshop Held

A very successful workshop — co-sponsored by EPA and ASDWA — on strategies for addressing small water system technical challenges was held in Cincinnati, OH on September 10-12.  The workshop, entitled, the “10th Annual U.S. EPA Drinking Water Workshop on Small Drinking Water Systems:  Challenges & Solutions”, was attended by about 225 individuals – primarily state drinking water program staff, but also EPA (both HQ and Regions), water utility representatives,  equipment manufacturers, consultants, and academics.  Workshop participants heard about challenges and solutions associated with distribution systems, non-community water systems, recently promulgated rules, inorganic contaminants, microbial contaminants, and emerging contaminant issues.  In addition, the participants brainstormed, in breakout groups, about approaches to challenges associated with green technologies, UV technologies, consecutive systems, non-community water systems, and technical information transfer.  All of the Powerpoint slides and breakout group summaries will shortly be available on ASDWA’s web site.