USDA and EPA Partnership Supports Water Quality Trading

USDA and EPA have announced an expanded partnership to support water quality trading and other market-based approaches that provide benefits to the environment and economy.  The purpose is to support states, interstate agencies and tribes as they develop and implement water quality trading programs for nutrients, sediments and other pollutants where opportunities exist to achieve water quality improvements at reduced costs.  Water quality trading provides a cost-effective approach for regulated entities to comply with EPA Clean Water Act requirements, including water quality-based effluent limits in National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits.

This partnership will further USDA and EPA efforts on water quality trading to:  coordinate and enhance communications and outreach; engage expertise across agencies in the review of grants, loans or technical assistance; share information on the development of rules and guidance; collaborate on developing tools and information resources; and co-host a workshop by 2015.  View the press release HERE.