EPA Hosts Technical Assistance Provider Webinar

On Wednesday, March 26th, EPA’s Sustainable Systems Team hosted a webinar to showcase the three most recent recipients of the Technical Assistance and Training Competitive Award grants to be spent in FY 14 (using FY 13 funds).  The awardees — National Rural Water Association, the Rural Community Assistance Partnership, and the Environmental Finance Center Network — each spoke about their proposed approaches and work efforts that will begin once the shared $12.7 million is actually awarded (estimated to occur within the next 30-60 days).
EPA has prepared a summary of each awardee’s objectives, their level of funding, and where and how they will be targeting their training and assistance programs.  The summary document also identifies appropriate points of contact for each awardee and designated EPA project officer as well as their phone numbers and email addresses.  The summary is attached for your information.
ATTACHMENT: Training-TA Grants Fact Sheet 3-14